What to do in Case of a Plumbing Emergency?

Every home owner has one thing in common, the sudden onset of plumbing problems and emergencies. Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time and affect anyone. In most homes, old pipelines or worn out taps might leaks and may lead to severe and sudden plumbing problems. In situation like this, call Plumbers Brisbane.

In other cases, several causes can be attributed to plumbing problems. As a home owner, it is better to be prepared and know of the basic steps to undertake when you are faced with an emergency. By the time you contact your nearest plumbers and seek professional help, it may already may too late.

Shut off the main water supply

Be it a leaking sink tap or bathroom tap, when you notice that the water is continuously falling in spite of tightly closing the tap, there is not much you can do besides shut off the main supply.In order to do this you have to know where the main supply source or pipe is. There is usually a tap on the main water source line which controls the flow of water throughout the house.

You should ask your a reliable plumbing service, plumbers to tell you where this main tap is so that should the need arise you can immediately shut it before calling the plumber.

Shutting off the main supply may also come in handy when you are faced with the problem of stuck taps. Sometimes, in old homes, rust may form around the taps and pipes. If the tap gets stuck while it is still on, it may lead to an overflow. Since you won’t be able to shut off the tap immediately, in order to save water and avoid flooding you will have to stop the main water supply.

If you have difficulties fixing your water tank, hire a plumber.

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