Why Carpet Dry Cleaning Method is Preferred by Many

Carpets can be quite challenging to clean thoroughly. You may use a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis, but still you cannot remove the smell and the stains from the carpets. In addition, the regular use of vacuum cleaners does not really kill the mites and the eggs that love to propagate in between the layers of your carpet. There are micro-organisms that are not visible by the naked eye and the only way to remove them is through a professional carpet cleaning method and one of which is the carpet dry cleaning method.

Some people prefer this method over the steam cleaning method because they no longer have to wait before the carpet can be used. In carpet dry cleaning method, only small amount of moisture is applied on the carpet so drying will not be an issue. Secondly, this carpet cleaning method is preferred by many because it does not elicit mildew or moldy type of smell.

Carpet dry cleaning methods

1) Absorbent powder- a sponge is used in this kind of dry cleaning method. The sponge is soaked with cleaning solution which will trap the dirt and other particles from the carpet. The sponge is brushed on the carpet with the use of a vacuum cleaner attachment. After the scrubbing or brushing process, the carpet is vacuumed to remove all the dirt and other residues and the carpets can be used right away.

2) Bonnet pad carpet dry cleaning method- a cleaning solution is spayed on the carpet after which the cotton bonnet is used to buff the carpet. The bonnet pad absorbs all the dirt and once the job is done, the carpet is completely clean and dry.

3) Encapsulation carpet dry cleaning method- this method uses a cleaning mixture of cleaning solutions as well as crystallizing agents for cleaning the carpet. After the application of the cleaning mixture on the carpet, a machine is used to agitate the carpet and for the cleaning mixture to penetrate the deep layers of the carpet. This result in soil suspension and the dirt to be crystallized and encapsulated. A vacuum cleaner is used to suck out all the dirt capsules. This is very cost-effective and the carpet remains clean longer.

Search online for carpet dry cleaners and let them use the carpet dry cleaning method so you no longer have to wait before you can use your carpet as drying is quick and mildew odour is not an issue.