First Aid Tips to Immediately Save the Carpet from Stains

Every home will definitely have a carpet. After all, it does not only improve the aesthetic value of the home, it also protects the floor from scratches and wear and tear caused by foot traffic. It plays a very important role at home so the home owners must make sure to clean it right away as soon as it stains. Here are some first aid tips on how you can properly clean the stains right away.

First, remember that you should never scoop or dig the food spills. By scooping or digging, the food stain will just get worked into the carpet. Start by using a dull knife or spoon to carefully scrape the solid food towards the middle of the stain. Prepare a white towel nearby to pick up the scooped food scrap. Once the solid food has been removed, proceed to treating the stain.

If there is an available shop vacuum and a wet spill happened, then use that shop vacuum to vacuum the liquid. Keep using it until there is no more fluid to be removed. In the unfortunate case that the spill was colored juice, then just treat it after vacuuming as if you would with normal stain.

Always act quickly. When you get a stain, it is almost certain that you can still remove it if you get to it as soon as possible. If the stain stays on the carpet longer, a chemical reaction between the stain and the carpeting will commence. It would become even more difficult to remove the stain once the chemical reaction starts.

It is highly likely that you can still remove the stain with the use of plain tap water. Get a dry white cloth and press it on the stain. The spill will be absorbed into the cloth that way. Repeat pressing into the stained spot until all of the spill is absorbed. Gently work the water into the stained spot with the use of a damp towel. Blot it out until the stain is eradicated.

The stain should never be rubbed on or scrubbed. Blotting is still the best method to clean the stain while minimizing the damages inflicted to the carpet fibers. Moreover, blotting can prevent fuzzy areas from appearing later on. Start blotting from the stain’s outer edge and slowly move toward the stain’s center. If you follow this tip, you can prevent the stain from spreading out from its original spot.

You have to be patient when using water and dry cloth to blot the stain. There are times when you can do the cleaning in one shot while there are times when you have remove the stain by repeatedly going through the cycle of pressing on the stain, changing to new cloth, damping with water, and then pressing again. If you remain patient with the stain removal process, the stain will eventually disappear.

There may be tough spots where you can find stubborn stains. In such cases, water alone might not be enough for removal. The best solution would be to use a mixture of equal amounts of white vinegar and water.

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