Car Rental

If you are going for a holiday or an official trip to a nearby city, hiring a car from car rental is a wise choice. Driving down to the destination means you can stop at leisure and have the luxury to covering the distance at your own pace.

Hiring a car from a good company is mandatory especially if you are going to be driving with more than one passenger. The car should be in a good shape, worth the money and give you enough mileage to reach the destination. You need to keep certain factors in mind while hiring from a car rental.


Research before hiring

Go online and search for more than five car rental companies. Online car rentals offer a cheaper deal, if you book a car with them. Also, compare the inclusive prices such as insurance, toll gate charges and fees per kilometre. Many car rentals also provide free kilometres like up to the first 500 kms before rolling the bill.

Check for the vehicle report

When you go to collect the car, carefully read the vehicle report for any scratches or dents. Just walk around the car and look for any further damages. Look at the condition of the engine and tyres. Do not forget to look inside and check for holes or tears on the seats. Make sure the seat belts are not broken or malfunctioning.

If you feel that the car is not in a good condition, immediately inform the car rental and get another car. Always insist on a first aid box, fire extinguisher and a spare tyre for the hired car.

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