How to Choose A Black Dress For Your Body Type

When looking for a black dress for a rectangle shaped body, choose one that can show off all the hidden curves. This body type can carry off dresses with scoop necks, ruffles and details to flatter the chest. The most important thing to avoid would be overwhelming styles. Avoid loose, flowing dresses. Add layers to your black dress to add more dimensions.

Apple Shaped Body

Jennifer Hudson would be an ideal example for this body type. Wider than the other body types with curvy bust, a tummy and slim legs, this body type should focus on wearing stripes till the hem and detailing the black dress with belts. Empire tops and shorter skirt dresses are a necessity as the attention will move away from the mid section.

Hour Glass Shaped Body

Your best assets are the Curves! So when you have what it takes to show then why hide those. Lucky like Salma Hayek, hour glass shaped bodies are blessed to get such curves. A big no for you would be to conceal your curves by wearing baggy clothes.

Wrap dresses, high-waist skirts, strapless, corsets – anything that showcases the curves, adds beauty to the near perfect body. Stick with chic styles that show off the curves in the right place and it will end up complementing your figure. See RM Williams

Whether it’s the festival fever or the teen spirit in pinafore dresses or the prom princesses, black dresses would complement all occasions. And with these simple tips to choose the right one let’s get started to get dressed up with Prom dresses!

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