Guidelines in Renovating Your Bathroom

If you need to storage space, invest in bathroom vanities such as cabinets that take up little bathroom space. You will be able to put your make up, perfumes, medicines in different drawers.

Bathroom Cabinets below the sink are the best to keep extra material that is not used frequently.

You also have to make space in the shower stall. You can keep the shampoos, conditioners, shops and body washes in a small space near the shower area. The best way to utilize the space is to build in-the-wall shelves. It takes little space but gives you maximum storage space.

Instead of using wall papers which would peel off in the damp environment, use neutral coloured bathroom tiles.

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Place a plant near the window grills. You can water the plant every day before you have a bath.

Mount mirrors above the wash basins and cabinet. Mirrors also make the bathroom look bigger and reflect natural light.

Another good idea is to place your mirrors opposite to the window. You will feel like you have two windows and that will further brighten up the place.

Buy a colourful dustbin and keep near the sink. You can get creative with your laundry basket as well.

Keep the towels neatly stacked on the shelves. You can invest in hot rot that keeps the hung towels warm. On a chilly morning, a hot towel is a blessing. You can also mount towel hooks and place the hand towels on it.

See to it that you contact a plumbing service to fix any plumbing problem in your home.

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