Types of Bathroom Shower Screens

Bathrooms form a very important part of a house. A lot of planning and designing goes into aligning them to one’s expectations. As far as shower screens are concerned, there are a lot of varieties available. There are firms that specialize in shower screens that provide a lot of options today. Shower screen selection should be based on different factors ranging from presence of elderly people or kids, budget limits and convenience. Shower screens can basically be divided into 3 options.


Frameless shower screens do not have any frame around them. The glass is typically fixed to using a clamp or some other kind of fixing. Frameless screens make the bathrooms look large and classy. They are expensive as compared to other types. As there are no frames; dust and soap scum do not accumulate in it. So they can be easily cleaned.

Semi frameless

Semi-framed ones look stylish and contemporary. Frames may be present above and below the panel, but not on the sides of the panel. The frames are thin and easy to clean. The glass is thick and can withstand pressure to a remarkable extent. These frames are less expensive than the frameless ones. See Bathroom vanity Brisbane

Fully framed

Fully framed screens have frames on all sides. They look good and are one of the cheapest options available. They either come with a pivotal door or with a door with slides. Cleaning becomes a problem as soap scum and other dust particles generally get caught in between the frame and the glass. These used to be the traditional ones in the past, found in a large number of bathrooms.

Bathroom Vanities can be a storage cabinet where you can choose from compact to corner vanities.