A Guide to Give an Asian Touch to Your Bathroom

Asia has a proud history of a rich cultural heritage.Taditional ethics and contemporary outlook are finely wedded in this vibrant culture. This tradition can be implemented in the bathroomdesigns too.

Experts suggest the following guidelines to provide an Asian touch to the bathroom designs. Asia is a huge landmass which encompasses various countries. Each of them has a cultural identity of its own. The Japanese or the Chinese style may be very different from the Balinese or the Thai approach.


The Asian touch demands an equal stress on the use of both the conventional and modern bathroom vanities. Wood can be suitably used for this purpose. Dark wood can join hands with opaque glass to create an impression of a screen made of paper. This creates a clutter free atmosphere in the bathroom. The richness of wood has an old world charm of its own.

The Chinese Style

The Chinese style has a unique appeal of its own. A certain look can be created by rubbing pieces of ebony with hands. The apothecaries of the past used to store medicines in large cabinets. These ancient designs can be used in decorating the Bathrooms in Brisbane. These vanities provide a large storage space. The exotic charm can be enhanced by adding ornately decorated handles to these cabinets.

Corner Sinks

A large fancy sink will obviously take more time to maintain, clean and so on. A small corner sink will take half the time. Furthermore, when you already have a small bathroom, if it takes lesser time to clean the entire bathroom but more just for the sink, there is really no point in the entire endeavour.

Cost effective

It goes without saying that a small corner sink would cost less as opposed to a large fancy bathroom sink. Furthermore, when you have a small home or bathroom, it really doesn’t make sense to opt for fancy designs and large bathroom sinks that cost more. It is indeed wiser to opt for simpler sinks and even home decor on the whole.

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