A Guide to Removing Asbestos Safely

Keeping in mind the harmful effects of asbestos fibres, asbestos removal is not a do it yourself job. It is best left to professional certified contractors to do it.


Take proper precautions before you begin asbestos removal:
1. Remove all furniture, pets, and people from the area.
2. Make sure that the removal team will remain uninterrupted during the process.
3. Cover all surfaces with sheets.
4. Close and seal all doors and windows.
5. Switch off all devices, particularly ventilation devices to avoid fumes leaking.
6. Turn off the power and seal all sockets.

Cleaning Up and Disposing the Waste

Collect all the waste in special polythene bags made for the purpose of holding asbestos containing material. Label the bags stating clearly on the label that the bag contains asbestos. Do not over fill the bags.

Wipe all surfaces with a wet cloth to remove dust residue. Dispose of all the cloths and rags used for cleaning. Also dispose of all the plastic sheeting used to cover the surfaces.

After wiping everything clean, vacuum the area with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Dispose the vacuum bag carefully.
Shower and wash well after the work is done and the crew have left.

You may think that if you take proper precautions, you can do the asbestos removal yourself. However, doing it yourself requires that you purchase the protective material, tools, and clothing. It is better that you hire asbestos removal Hornsby who is more experienced in the job. They have the proper tools, experience, and knowledge to do the job safely and properly.