Key Questions to Ask an Arborist

Whether you are looking to have your trees pruned or cut, it’s best to have a professional arborist do the job. In the end, they are trained to handle difficult situations and know what they should to properly handle your trees. However, don’t just hire the first person or company you see. To make sure they are compliant with government rules and regulations, ask them these questions:



Is your company covered by insurance?

Don’t hesitate to ask if the arborists are licensed to operate and if they’re covered by insurance. Should you need a proof, they shouldn’t hesitate to provide you with the supporting documents that you need. After all, you don’t want to be liable for damages and to pay for injuries should these occur whilst they’re on the job. To protect yourself from these instances, ensure that they have the proper papers.

What are your credentials?

Arborists need to have special education and training. They don’t just become professionals overnight. Besides undergoing training, they are also required to pass a series of comprehensive exams. This determines if they are equipped to handle the tasks that come with being an expert. After they are certified, they should also have recognised apprenticeships or be linked to professional organisations.

What kind of equipment are you going to use?

The type of tools and equipment vary from one job to another. Aside from using the mandatory chainsaw, arborists are equipped to handle ropes, pulleys and harnesses. This way, they can get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently. However, if the project is more demanding, they may use cranes or cherry pickers to assist them during their operation.

What is your intended timeframe for the project?

The project completion depends largely on their size and scope of the area. If bigger trees need to be attended to, this may take anywhere from at least 2 to 4 hours.

For more information on how an arborist can help you, feel free to call Murray’s Tree Services today.