Why are We Switching to Digital TV?

Australia is one country where television is still broadcast in both digital and analogue modes in various regions. However, Australia is now switching over completely to the digital format, which means, the government is phasing out or switching off analogue signals throughout the country. This switchover will be complete by the end of the year 2013.

There are several reasons why Australia is switching from analogue signals to digital ones.

Pan Australian Coverage

VAST or Viewer Access Satellite Television is a digital satellite service that is being rolled out by the Aussie government.

The function of this digital satellite service is to offer a complete package of free to air digital channels all over the country. This means, anyone living in any corner of Australia will be able to access these numerous free to air channels through digital antenna.

Broadcast Space will be Freed Up

Switching over to digital signals will free up broadcast space. This broadcast space will be created when the government turns off the analogue signals. This extra space that will be created will be utilised for other services.

Remaining Up to Date with International Programs

Most of the international programs and overseas channels are available only in the digital format nowadays. Many international channels are increasingly switching over to the digital only mode. This means, people with analogue sets cannot receive these programs on their TV sets and are therefore missing out on many enjoyable and entertaining international shows.

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