About East Africa Air Travel

Sports are a great way of developing team work and strengthening bonds. If your family or circle of friends has a favorite sport you can play that. Otherwise most holiday locations have provisions for outdoor sports like skiing, paragliding, rock climbing or bungee jumping (for the more adventurous).

Indulging in a great session of sports will boost up your adrenaline level and improve your metabolic rates. Physical activity of any kind will revitalize the body so sports should be an important recreational activity for travellers.

Go on a nature walk

Pack a picnic hamper, wear your outdoor walks and explore nature at her serene best with your family. Long walks in nearby woods or places of natural beauty present an ideal opportunity to brush up your knowledge of zoology and botany (especially if you are with a local guide). If you are visiting local orchards, you can taste the delicious local fruit or you may visit a nursery to admire the beautiful shrubs and indulge your green thumb.

Eat and shop till you drop

If you have women in your group, you will anyway have to spend considerable time shopping and touring the local markets. Enjoy buying gifts for folks back at home by picking up interesting souvenirs. Lastly, don’t forget to get a taste of the local cuisine by visiting an authentic local restaurant. Food is after all one of the best recreational activities for travellers.

East Africa Air Travel can provide all these for you.