3 Web Design Trends for 2018

It is important to discover the latest web design trends today. Learn to enhance your website so you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

These various styles and trends play a big role in helping you gain an edge over other competitors in the market. In fact, in this ever-changing landscape, it is important to keep abreast of all the latest happenings so you won’t be left out. That is unless you want to remain outdated.

Here are three trends you should look out for this 2018:

  • Illustrations Galore

Companies are slowly incorporating illustrations on their websites. They hire graphic designers and illustrators to draw their product offerings. Look closely at your favourite websites and you might just find quirky illustrations adorning the page.

More than the aesthetic function it serves, these illustrations help emphasize the product experience, as well as its overall features and functionality. In the same way, these drawings also bring people’s attention to abstract concepts being brought to life by these creative individuals.

  • Maximalist

Say goodbye to minimalism as it takes the backseat. For years, the trend was to have as clean and sleek lines as possible. Today, it seems that more and creative design is, the better.

For those seeking to establish themselves, going for a bold move can help you create waves on the market. Seemingly inspired by streetwear, bolder and brighter colours, textures, materials and images are used to make way for more visually compelling design.

  • Vibrant Themes

It seems that vibrant themes are in sync with the maximalism trend. 2018, indeed, is the year for more vibrant and saturated colours. Companies who are looking to make themselves known should use this trend.

Loud and even clashing colours can instantly attract people’s attention, making it the perfect scheme to establish themselves. After all, this is a good way to make them veer away from the traditional use of web-safe and appropriate lines of the design.

If you want to incorporate these web design trends on your website, make sure to contact Wildebeest here.